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Today's world's biggest concern is the privacy of information. Browsing through websites constitutes an agreement to let websites collect and use your data. the innovative packaging understands the legitimacy of your privacy concerns and takes measures to keep information well protected. This privacy policy explains how we maintain a strict privacy policy to protect your data from anyone who has harmful intent towards the usage of your information. The information we collect through our website is not disclosed or sold to any third party. We use this information only to contact the customer and process their orders. Since our website is not structured for children, therefore we do not collect their data intentionally. Would you please go through our privacy policy to know what measures we take to safeguard your data?

How does Innovative Packaging Collects Data?

We collect data through different areas of our website and web servers. We maintain log files for all our visitors. Our log files usually contain visitor's names, domain, location, IP address, browser name, browse version, time/date of visit, and the number of clicks. However, an email address is not part of our log files. the innovative packaging store any information that you have provided us voluntarily. Visitors voluntarily offer information like their names, shipping address, email, phone number, gender, ID card number, and fax number. This information is provided while purchasing our services or for newsletter subscriptions. We have cookies installed on our web page that gather your operating system information. We will explain how we use cookies later in this policy. We keep track of how many pages you have visited, the time on each page, and any templates you might have liked. Finally, we keep your credit card information to process your order and transactions.

How We Use Cookies for Information

A cookie is a file that asks your permission to take place on your hard drive. Once you click agree or ok, the file is added to your systems, and cookies let you know when you visit the site. Cookies also help analyze web traffic and allow web applications to respond to an individual. For example, web applications customize their operations to your likes and dislikes by gathering and storing information. Similarly, we use cookies to identify which pages customers are using and then analyze data to alter the website according to customers’ preferences. Finally, we remove your information from the system after using it for statistical purposes.
In short, cookies enable us to monitor which pages are helpful to provide our customers with a better web experience. Cookies don't give us access to your personal information on the computer. However, if you are not comfortable, you can decline cookies. Many systems have a default setting to accept cookies. You can modify your settings to accept or reject cookies according to your preference.

List of Cookies

Cookie Name: Cookie Description

  1. FORM_KEY: Stores randomly generated key used to prevent fake requests.
  2. PHPSESSID: Your session ID on the server.
  3. GUEST-VIEW: Allows users to view and edit their orders.
  4. PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART: A link to information about your cart and viewing history
  5. STF: Information on any of the products you have emailed to friends.
  6. STORE: The store view or language you have chosen.
  7. USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE: shows when a customer is allowed to use cookies.
  8. MAGE-CACHE-SESSID: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to load pages faster.
  9. MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to load pages faster.
  10. MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE-SECTION-INVALIDATION: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to load pages faster.
  11. MAGE-CACHE-TIMEOUT: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to load pages faster.
  12. SECTION-DATA-IDS: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.
  13. PRIVATE_CONTENT_VERSION: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to load pages faster.
  14. X-MAGENTO-VARY: Facilitates caching of content on the server to make pages load faster.
  15. MAGE-TRANSLATION-FILE-VERSION: Facilitates translation of content to another language.
  16. MAGE-TRANSLATION-STORAGE: Facilitates translation of content to other languages.

How we use your information

The primary purpose of us storing and using your information is to provide customers with the best services. We can only offer our customers good services when we understand their demographics and unique behavior. For example, when we know your location, we can provide you with designs according to your customer's taste. Information about your browser helps us provide you with the website that can work perfectly with your system. Your likes and reviews on our templates allow us to grant you products you like or are according to your preferences. Your information enables us to provide you with the products that are actually of your interest. We store your financial information to complete your transaction. Your details like phone number, shipping address, and name are used to deliver your parcels. We also use your email and phone to contact you for marketing research purposes. We may periodically send you promotional stuff about products, discounts, and other information at your shared email.

Security of your Information

The privacy of your information is of high priority to us. We take reasonable preventive measures against unauthorized access to your personal information both online and offline. To start with how we protect your information, let us clarify that we have several contents on a password-protected website so that only the person who has a password gets access to your personal information. Your password is saved with you, but if you somehow forget it, we advise you to contact us immediately so we lock your account. We also run extreme background checks on all our staff to have only reliable employees in a team. We are committed to keeping your information safe. Your notification is restricted in our office, and our site uses SLS (secure socket locker) encryption. SLS is a form of data security system over the internet. It verifies the integrity of information and the security of servers. The innovative packaging takes preventive measures for your information security. Still, since you know that information is not 100% secure over the internet, therefore we cannot warrant the safety of the information you send us through the internet.


Our website might contain links to other web pages. We advise you to read the privacy policy of those sites. Our privacy policy strictly applies to our website only, and we take no responsibility for other websites' privacy.

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You can contact us through our email or phone number provided on our website. We are free to amend our privacy policy without a formal declaration. However, we advise you to visit the page regularly to stay aware of our privacy policy changes.

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