Why Rigid Boxes Are Gaining Popularity In The World Of Packaging

Posted On: May-21-2021  By: Admin

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The Importance Of Good Packaging 

Good packaging is incredibly important. While the popular saying might be don’t judge a book by its cover, a lot of people very well do trust a product by how good the packaging is. Over the years, many brands have focused on getting better packaging because they know customers are attracted to clean designs which give the product a luxurious feel. Using flimsy packaging, badly written copy for your product labels and badly designed graphics actively deters customers from choosing your product. With rigid boxes, you avoid these issues entirely because of the higher quality the product offers. 

Hence, it is imperative that you opt for packaging which not only attracts a customer but intrigues them enough to purchase the product itself! 

Why Companies Are Choosing Rigid Boxes 

Better Quality Product 

Rigid packaging is great with giving any product a luxurious feeling because of the better quality of packaging. If you are spending money on packaging it is better to make an investment in better quality which lasts you longer and keeps your product safe. Having sturdy packaging is incredibly important especially if the product is fragile in nature since keeping it safe and secure till it reaches its final customer is paramount to a good shopping experience and the customer having a positive experience with your company.

Helps Increase Sales 

Another reason why rigid wholesale boxes are a good option is because they appeal to your customers significantly and what appeals to a customer is what sells! Using rigid boxes instead of plain cardboard or even paper packaging helps you sell more units of your products. If your product is something which customers cannot see till they purchase it and open it up, then you really need your packaging to make a lasting first impression which prompts your customer to make the purchase. And market research shows that rigid packaging boxes come out on top every time when customers are faced with which option they would choose! 

More Variety and Options

One of the reasons why rigid wholesale boxes are becoming more and more popular when it comes to packaging options is because of how versatile this genre of packaging can be. While the more popular option is strong paperboard, what you can do with this packaging depends on you and your imagination. You can choose to opt for embellished or overlaid options. You can even ask for fabric and leather if you think your product needs an even more higher end luxury feel. All in all, you can do endless things with this packaging. From just your logo embellished in gold on top to having the entirety of the paperboard material printed with designs; you can do whatever you want! 

Should You Make The Switch To Rigid Boxes? 

Yes, it can be very tempting to choose the cheaper option perhaps and forgo the option of rigid packaging boxes since the price can be a little more than other options. But if you do the math, getting a bulk order of rigid boxes made could come to almost the same cost as other options which is honestly a great deal. 

If you can get rigid wholesale boxes in almost the same amount as other options then perhaps this is something you should pursue and definitely consider. And paying for rigid wholesale boxes is honestly an investment which is definitely paid back severalfold. Like we mentioned earlier; with rigid packaging boxes you are able to sell more units which in turn helps you increase profits and become more successful so at the end of the day; rigid boxes end up paying for themselves! 
We highly recommend you explore this trend further and actively consider switching to rigid packaging boxes as your packaging material of choice. If you are confused about what this transition would look like or are even entering the packaging realm for the first time and feel a little overwhelmed, you can talk to us and let us quell your worries! Talk to one of our representatives at The Innovative Packaging today to find out what packaging would be right for you!

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