Why are Smart Companies Shifting to Custom Printed Candle Boxes

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The era of simplicity is over. The innovative Packaging has moved on to a more digitized world where communication has become the most potent medium for consumers to voice their needs. It is where research comes in handy. You select a target audience and build a consumer-oriented product around their needs to have more confidence in purchase and sales. The process of altering the product to the consumer's needs is called customization. Custom products help consumers feel more related to the product because it is individually for them. Every industry has employed custom products in its product portfolio; hence the packaging industry does not leave itself behind in this race.  


What are Candle Boxes? 


As the name suggests, Candle boxes are corrugated or kraft boxes that come in all types of custom shapes, sizes, and dimensions to store and preserve your light candles. Candles play an essential role in the cure of anxiety and depression. It soothes and relaxes people because of the fumes it releases, and hence it has been proven to be quite a necessary purchase for the consumer market.


Why are Custom Printed Candle Boxes necessary for your brand? 


You can choose your own brand identity. 


Brand identity is all the visual elements necessary for a brand, such as the design, logo, colors. They are the techniques through which you can capture the consumer's mind. You cannot make many differences in the product itself, but distinguishing yourself from the competitors and choosing your own brand identity is the Packaging. The Custom Printed Candle Boxes will help you pick and choose colors that help you make an identity of your own. For example, if you choose black, you are going for a more sophisticated look; however, the usage of white will show a more pure and hygienic aura around the brand. Similarly, various other colors have their part to play in the brand identity as yellow colors show a more happy and inviting brand. It is the use of multiple shapes and color psychology that gives the word 'custom' life. 


They play a significant role in promotion and advertising. 


The advertising element is most important for the product market as it helps in the promotion. You can have deals or sales printed on the Packaging that showcases a 50% off that will attract the consumers. Any necessary information that will lure in the consumers will also be vital at this point. For example, if someone is looking for a fairness cream, using words such as Biotene, ginseng, or even 'enriched with vitamins is essential for people to sit back and read about the product. There is a high chance that the consumer will purchase your candles if there is relevant flavor or scent information along with its benefits given on the front cover. 


It helps to enhance brand recognition through a custom logo.


Having a distinguished logo can help you increase your sales. Packaging is the best way to showcase the brand's symbol and mark its uniqueness in their minds. It will increase the retention and repurchase element of the brand as it instantly grabs the attention. In addition, it increases the chances of remembrance as people are likely to make a solid first impression. Custom Printed Candle Boxes will bring you more loyalty and separate you from the competitors. 


It helps to build a strong relationship with your prospective clients. 


Once you show your consumers what your brand caters for and have made an impression on them through custom printing graphics and texts that best suit the target audience, you will gain their trust. The more relatable the product is, the more you will build a stronger connection with the clients as they think the product is made. The custom aspect of these candle packaging boxes helps you as it enhances reachability. For example, a person who suffers from anxiety sees a candle that showcases a stress reduction will be more inclined to buy the product.  


Why is it worth your buck? 


Help the environment indirectly with your purchase decision.


Every decision you make has more than one consequence. Therefore, you must always be aware of your purchase decisions. Eco-Friendly Candle Boxes are worth your dollar as they do not have a carbon footprint. They are recyclable and reusable. You can use these boxes for jewelry boxes, containers, toy boxes, and much more. An added benefit is the biodegradable nature that converts the product into waste quickly and easily. These boxes are not harmful to the environment as they help converse wood and paper. It is from affordable kraft material and great sustainable products that help conserve the future's background. 


Purchase your candle boxes in bulk 


Packaging is a considerable part of your operations. It would help if you had it regularly to ensure your products have safe cargo during the shipping process. Packaging can be done most cost-effectively through the purchase of candle packaging wholesale. It helps the company gain an economics of scale advantage and reduce the costs. 

It also helps you manage your supply chain very well; your lead times and inventory levels need to be catered for in the most efficient way possible. You can save your time and cost with this type of Packaging and, with that, reduce the errors. 


Cutting edge technology and state of the art printing methods 


The Innovative Packaging has updated and high-quality machinery that gives your custom printed boxes the amplification it needs. Various printing techniques, such as embossing, are pressing an image into a paper that gives it that three-dimensional effect. The spot Uv printing method is the process that adds lamination or gloss to some regions of the box or text while other areas remain dull or matte. It gives your products a premium look by highlighting or giving amplification to graphics those matter. In addition, there is gloss lamination and matte lamination, which helps the product become easier to handle and touch because of its smooth touch.


You get so much variety with Custom Prints.


Candles are for more than one thing, and you can use them while you take a bath or even on a spa day. They can be used as simple decorative items around the house or even as birthday presents. You can get countless types of uses from just a mere candle. Variety is key to the customer's heart, and so you can sell upon more candles just by changing up the Packaging. For example, a birthday candle can have glitter on it with colorful balloons showing outside on the box. However, a scented candle might show a living area cozy vibe. There might also be luxury candle boxes made out of rigid boxes and are more towards the elegant side with neutral colors or even darker toned colors. Custom Printed Candles are your way to go to double your sales! Capture the multiple uses by expanding your portfolio with us. 


Want a little push start on your conclusive thoughts?


The purchase decision is always the hardest to make, and you need final, conclusive thoughts to make that critical decision for your brand. Become strategic players of the market by employing custom printing methods in your candle boxes for better reach and retaining the product. These boxes are not only eco-friendly and can in bulk, but you can also get amazing quotes and deals and get further discounts to cut your costs. In addition, you can get custom prints to build your own brand identity and work yourself up in the job market.

Give us a call at (510) 300-2586 or an email at sales@theinnovativepackaging.com to get a quote with us! We will push your limits to become a recognized brand with our high-quality printing methods. 

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