What are Custom Candle Boxes

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Custom candle boxes are exactly what they sound like; boxes made especially for a candle. So what sets these boxes apart from any old packaging? Well, that happens to be how sturdy they are. Candles are quite fragile and need extra protection which is why the packaging for their boxes happens to be very sturdy so that it can protect what is inside. This is why these boxes should not be thrown away and instead kept in your home for beautification purposes. Hopefully, you will be able to find some lovely ideas in our piece to know what to do with your candle boxes in the future. 

Reusing items is not just for aesthetic purposes but also helps you to help sustain the environment. This helps reuse items and not have them pollute the environment which is incredibly important. 


How to Give Your Custom Candle Boxes a Second Life


Sort your Makeup


If you have just bought a candle that comes with a beautiful packaging component then you should not throw the packaging out. The Innovative Packaging recommends taking the packaging and keeping it to store your makeup in. Most wholesale candle boxes are either square or rectangular in shape making them perfect to store small palettes in. You can organize your makeup drawer easily by keeping smaller palettes for blushes, or maybe for eyeshadow quad kits. It is up to you to see what fits but this is a neat way to sort your makeup and save space at the same time! 


Make into a Vase


You might be thinking, how do I make custom candle boxes into a vase? Well, we agree with your confusion but hear us out. If the candle was in a longer shape the box is probably going to be rectangular and tall as well, you can empty the box out and place a plastic cup or jar inside filled with water and place whatever flowers inside that you want! This helps you get a chic-looking vase with no cost attached to it! How cool is that, honestly? Especially if the custom printed candle gift box packaging is an option that has beautiful prints on them and minimal writing. If there is branding on one side, we recommend that you have that portion face the wall. 


Reuse as Gift Packaging


Like we talked about earlier, candle boxes are usually made from sturdy packaging materials. This is why we recommend keeping the item with you. You can reuse it later for gifting purposes so that you can give a loved one a present that is protected. If you have a present to give to someone but it does not come with packaging or perhaps you made it by hand and do not have a box to go with it, then your leftover candle packaging wholesale will come in really handy! 


Store your Knick Knacks 


Another great thing you can do with Candle Packaging Boxes or rather any box of a rectangular or square shape is to use it for storing your knick-knacks. You can place it near your door to keep your keys in so you always know where they are. You can put it in the kitchen and add grocery lists, pens, or other miscellaneous items to it. Whatever you do, you will have a pretty storage container of sorts if you keep it around. Since these boxes are sturdy you can actually do a lot with them! 


Use as a Separator 


The Innovative Packaging has mentioned multiple times that luxury candle boxes happen to be made from strong materials and hence are sturdy. This is why we recommend that you can cut up the box into oblong shapes and use the material as separators in your drawers. You can make partitions in your cutlery drawer so that you can separate spoons, from forks and more. All you will need are scissors and some masking tape. You can cut the box into rectangular singular pieces and use masking tape to hold it down in place. And there you have it; free of cost separators! 




If you are looking for some unique ideas and beautiful yet sturdy designs then you need to look no further. We will help you in getting the right packaging for your candle. You can even order custom candle boxes in bulk and enjoy better rates. We at  The Innovative Packaging lower per-unit costs when you ask us for custom candle boxes wholesale prices. And if you want to look beyond candle boxes, we have a variety of rigid boxes or any other packaging you might require! Contact us to discuss your options by dropping us an email sales@theinnovativepackaging.com, and we would love to discuss whatever you have in mind and promise to deliver exactly that! 

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