Corrugated Boxes are Highly Cost-Effective

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People introduced Corrugated Boxes initially early in the 1800s; however, after 20 years, people began to use them more often. When they came out, they were not so popular because people didn't understand the functionality, but soon the use started to develop. Now, people can't live without these boxes for packaging purposes. They are for handling your products more accessible, and it keeps the product safe. For example, if you are to carry a television, it is a delicate product; one hit, and it'll cost you bucks to get the panel changed. It would be much safer for the transportation and handling of your television with a Corrugated Box

It is usually of flute, a kind of recycled paper; flute is a material between line boards of cartons. It is very durable and can endure pressures because of the waves it has between it. 


Why does the world need to understand the importance of Corrugated Boxes? 


Protection of the Product inside helps the brand image. 

The packaging provides you with the protection of your products at a very basic level. We put so much thought, and effort into a consequence, the development phase of a product is challenging because there is a lot of research and development at the back end. Therefore, product packaging must be sturdy and robust. You need to make the packaging so durable that it reaches the final consumer in just one piece when you ship this product. For example, if your consumer has placed an order for a mug. The mug is of clay, a delicate material that might break if exposed to too much turbulence. The Corrugated Boxes help keep these mugs in tack and increase the reliability of the brand overall. When your consumer gets the product they have anticipated for a while or placed an order online, they will be more than delighted. These Boxes are made in such a profound manner that it makes whatever is inside nearly impossible to break. We understand that your product needs ultimate care, and hence we aspire to provide you with maximum quality so that the packaging fulfills its primary function.   


Custom Dimensions of your Corrugated Packaging is now available 

Packaging plays a vital role in marketing as we all know it; packaging is the very thing that a consumer will see first about a product; hence the company needs to pay most attention to what is written on the product. We can take the example of an Ikea product; when you buy the product, there is information on the packaging that shows us the product's weight in case you want to ship it anywhere else. You want to know the product's dimensions; you want to make a mental map of how it will look in your house or even you would like to see the inside color. For example, a table in four colors might only be displayed in black, but inside, there might be a new color. It is essential to have the right and correct information to promote your product to a greater extent. Once people can know what is inside, they will be more connected to the effect on an individual level to understand how it works for them in the best way possible. Your Corrugated Boxes Wholesale that is printed with the correct information will make and build your first impressions for people to keep repurchasing your products. 


Corrugated Packaging with the help of Market trends 

Do you want your consumers to keep coming back to you for repurchases? It would help if you gave them what they want, not what they are selling. You need to create such a consumer-oriented product that you will have your sales guaranteed. In the olden times, people made products and then sold them. Now, you have to even make custom packaging for each of your products. For example, an iPhone comes in various colors; there needs to be custom packaging for each color. If they are selling a purple iPhone, they will probably deal with a purple box with it too. It is to enhance the user experience of the full product. You would prefer a beautifully packaged product over a sample box. It's evident because it's custom-made. We at Innovative Packaging give you the full authority to make your custom packaging. We will provide you with all the necessary printing and quality of the packing, and then you can go ahead and choose your graphics and font to build your own custom identity. You might be selling a purple corrugated box to sell your candles to show your consumers that it is lavender themed, which sets it in their mind a person of how beautiful the smell might be


Free Design Assistance for your Packaging 

When you have so many options, you can sometimes get overwhelmed; we have a whole design team that is free which helps you cater to insights from the market. The marketing team helps us know through research which trends people like to take the help and make your own brand identity. For example, Yellow and Red are colors that ignite hunger, so we see food brands making their packaging in these colors. 


Eco-Friendly for the environment sustainability 

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes are of cardboard material which is the most eco-friendly packaging out there; it is made out of recycled material and can be recycled further into whatever you want to use it. These boxes can be used as a jewelry box, a gift card box, or even a box to store your stationery. You can use them as DIY projects for your kids, too; you can teach them the reuse of products which is very educative for them. Sustainable packaging has become so important that people have shifted their attention towards going green that they are now more aware. You might look at someone down the grocery section who will be glancing around for an eco-friendly sign. People in 2021 have now become more aware of things, and they want to make conscious decisions for the wellbeings of their future generations to come. These boxes' material is FSC-certified, which is a sustainable and a much better option for packaging to associate yourself with such causes. 


The most competitive rates in the market you can get. 

If there is anything a consumer will enjoy, it's the fast deliveries. In the inbuilt human psychology, as soon as you make the purchase, you will anticipate your products. You will want it to be with you as quickly as possible. Nobody enjoys waiting, especially food items that are given out in the corrugated boxes more commonly. Having a bulk amount of your packaging will help you have fast deliveries. We have a quick turnaround time with the delivery happening in about a week; you can order the boxes every week with an automated delivery system for the prior week through forecasting. Consumers will be delighted to see their products on their doorsteps the very next day! Wholesale Corrugated Box is a long-term investment because you get to cut down your costs in the long run. In the future, the prices are going to surge up or go higher. You can purchase your boxes in bulk because we will have economies of scale; this means that the packaging will become half the price. How? The average costs such s the fixed costs, for example, the rent will be divided over more units. So enjoy your packaging for half price now by ordering in bulk. 


To buy or not to buy?


Corrugated Boxes are custom, which means that you can convert them into whatever you like.  They are best for cosmetic boxes, food boxes, gift boxes, and retail boxes. It would help if you gave us the dimensions, and you are ready to go. You should think about making your final purchase decision for this type of packaging because they are available wholesale. Therefore, you cut down on the costs and ensure fast deliveries. In addition, they are recyclable and durable! 

Email on sales@theinnovativepackaging for amazing deals and bundles on your packaging! 

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