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Burgers are typically the type of a sandwich, but better! They consist of fresh buns, grounded meat into a patty, and anything of your choice. Burgers originated as an American dish which was a go-to meal coupled with french fries and a soda. It is one of the most popular dishes with several variations; you get to see a burger shop every few miles from where you are. Burgers come in different types; there are crispy burgers, potato burgers, pattie burgers, beef burgers, fish burgers, and many more. For such a wide variety of burgers, you need a desirable packaging that markets the true uniqueness of this beautiful wish. 


Why should Burgers be Packaged? 


People all around the world have their versions of burgers. Burgers are usually ground beef or other edible components, which may get spoiled if exposed to too much oxygen. Therefore, you need to package your food items to keep them fresh for a more extended period. You can enjoy your amazing burgers when they are better wrapped and packed. Packaging also prevents contamination of the burgers; they should not expose themselves to bacteria and other flies and ants that aid in the spoilage process. Custom Burger Boxes are here to fulfill all your wishes!


Why are Custom Burger Boxes so Important in the 21st century? 


Wholesale Custom Burger Boxes to meet your sales. 


Imagine if your burger shop is to flourish with success, you get countless orders for your delicious burgers, but you don't have the right amount of packaging to meet the number of orders. It would be a shame to turn down your consumers who seek to enjoy a burger just because of mere packaging. It would also be a shame to hand them over a burger without any packaging because it would harm the brand's reputation. Burger boxes Wholesale will help you meet the ends of peak seasons, you don't have to have your packaging shipped to you regularly, but you can always get them once all together and then keep on using them. It is always a better idea for your business to pre-purchase your packaging so that you can meet the required amount of orders without any hassle. Your consumers will not have to wait for burger boxes, or you won't have to turn down any consumers because you are purchasing in bulk. Consumer loyalty and brand recognition will double up the success of your business. 


Cost-Effective Burger Boxes are your way to go!


Now that we're talking about wholesale packaging, we can see that it is an excellent benefit in the cost-saving aspect. Once you order your boxes in bulk, you indirectly employ economies of scale, which is the general decrease in cost levels because the overheads are spread over a more significant number of units. You can also cut down on the shipping costs as now you can get all your packaging in just one consignment rather than paying for multiple trips. 


Custom Packaging that defines your brand. 


A custom-packed product amplifies the whole game of your brand. There are many people selling burgers in the market, but what makes your burger different from others? It's the custom packaging. The art of using color psychology, such as using various colors together, such as yellow and red, contrasts one another. If your burger is from a high-end place, you can use darker colors to show depth, sophistication,, and elegance; however, they may use a brighter color for a fast-food restaurant. It is playing with the minds of the consumer through the packaging itself. Custom Burger Boxes will help you build your brand identity, just as when you look at a red and white package anywhere you are instantly reminded of KFC, or if you see a red and yellow box anywhere, it takes you back to Mcdonalds. It is essential to use custom graphics, logos, colors, along with custom dimensions. Shapes and sizes are at your discretion; if you want them to look bigger or smaller. The Innovative Packaging emphasizes custom packaging to build your brand. 


Variety of Printing Techniques with our Packaging. 


You get a whole range of different types of printing, starting with the CMYK color techniques that are so very important for depicting true and natural colors. It uses less color while producing more which minimizes the cost and lowers productivity. Another is the Spot UV printing type, where there is a clear coating in various spots or areas of the artwork that gives it a shine. It is to enhance the overall look of the burger packaging boxes. For example, you can have the font of your burger shop in the spot UV material. Finally, we have various finishing variations, such as gloss lamination, making the product easy to hold and grasp. Matte lamination gives your products elegance and sophistication because it gives a softer look to your packaging. Many high-end companies provide their product matte lamination for a more premium look. 

Types of coating that can increase the whole look of the packaging to amplify the entire face of the packaging.

  • Gloss Coating
  • Matt Coating
  • Satin Coating
  • Aqueous Coating


Packaging that protects whatever is inside


Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring that your food is safe. Food safety is essential to the well-being and health of consumers. Keeping that in consideration, one should always strive to have their packaging built from state-of-the-art material with solid and sturdy roots. Custom Burger Boxes are in a way that protects the food from external bacteria and pollutants. It also keeps the food from coming in contact with oxygen which would spoil and rot the food. They should make it in a way that it locks out air and seals the burgers. The burger box Packaging is also made out of corrugated material that prevents any leakage. A burger has many sauces that might drip. If this drippage comes out of the box, it defeats the whole purpose of the box itself because it would ruin the surroundings. So book your durable packaging with us, and you won't be disappointed with the hard build material that keeps your food products such as the burger, coleslaw, and fries as safe as possible. 


Information that conveys to the consumer what they want. 


It is vital to have the correct information on the packaging; typography plays an essential role in your packaging design. It helps you choose fonts that will appeal to the customer better. For example, a Minimalistic front would be better to show sophistication, yet a curly font would be challenging to read. It gives you more creative and exciting depths and helps you pick up your brand game. The information on the Custom Burger Box will tell you which brand it belongs to, it will show you if there is an ingredient that will be harmful to you, and you can add slogans that will appeal to the consumer, for example, 'I love it' by Mcdonalds. Information on the packaging will help you associate your brands to causes. For instance, you can affiliate with breast cancer awareness by adding a pink ribbon, or you can write if your product is Halal for Muslims or even Vegan to attract that specific consumer base. Information communication is a vital part of marketing that helps you draw your consumers and build a trust relationship with them. 


Our Verdict?


When it comes down to the packaging, you need to make the best purchase for your products because the packaging is the binder of everything. It binds the product presentation and how the consumers will make the first impression based on that. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to provide your customers with an eco-friendly and premium burger box. 

Come and make up your mind now! Then, enjoy your burgers stress-free because they come in the best possible packaging there can be. Provide your brands with a value-for-company approach with The Innovative Packaging Custom Burger Boxes by emailing us at sales@theinnovativepackaging.com to get huge discounts and amazing quotes! Our staff is very proficient and will get back to you in no time with the best possible quotations. 




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