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Are Our Custom White Boxes Enough to Protect your Product

Posted On: Sep-20-2021  By: Admin

Are Our Custom White Boxes Enough to Protect your Product

Changing the trend makes the world go. So, do the style where you package your product. Custom boxes help impact clients and have many benefits if printed in the best color and the best quality card stock. So, before choosing a Custom White box for your product, you must see certain things to make sure they are perfect;


Make your Product Stand out with a Rigid Box

A rigid box consists of two main components - the main structure made of chipboard and wrapping paper that wraps it. In addition to their durability, paper wrappers can be printed in various colors or arise and have different textures and finish to adjust your packaging. Therefore, it is clear why rigid custom box packaging has become a staple branding element for all luxurious retailers. It can be adjusted to fit your product requirements and correctly match your brand needs. Rigid boxes are fun aesthetically and contribute to the luxurious experience that many customers expect when buying luxury products. Unlike folding or corrugated boxes, wooden crates can function as special gifting boxes, and elegant customers store and reuse them. When opening a luxury box, customers must feel happy, excited, and proud.

Increase the product storage life with rigid White boxes wholesale. Rigid boxes are an excellent solution to keep your products pulled on shelves for a more extended period. Rigid boxes are made of durable materials, usually five times stronger than folded cartons and corrugated cardboard boxes. Not surprisingly, that rigid box packaging has become the most popular packaging option for luxury products.

Stiff Box with a Separate Base and Cover

The rigid box with a separate base and cover is one of the most popular packaging options for luxury products. Also known as telescopic boxes, these boxes are used for various products, including chocolate, board games, and cellphones. The telescopic White Packaging Boxes used for more expensive products - such as an iPhone - are usually made with more dense measurements to enable slow release for a premium opening experience. Rigid boxes with separate bases and lids are also one of the most substantial rigid boxes because of the overlapping structure and, therefore, the most popular options for Kopse boxes. The cap may be long enough to cover the entire base of the box or a little shorter, covering the minor part of the base.

Used by brands such as Desmond & Dempsey, Telescopic Rigid Boxes is a fancy gift boxing symbol. With experience making custom luxury gift boxes with a bespoke design in wholesale quantities, Maxipos is ready to meet all your packaging and presentation needs.


Slipcase and Rigid Box Tray


Not different from the drawer, slipcase and rigid box tray has a thumb hole or ribbon to pull the inside tray and reveal the product. Slipcase boxes and rigid trays generally combine internal fitment to store several products safely and securely in their part. It is a popular packaging solution for beauty and cosmetics companies such as L'Occitane, whose rigid box has been supplied by innovative packages several times. For more information about the Slip White boxes for gifts, including designing, size, and customization, you can read more here.


Stiff Box with Hinged lid


Unlike a telescopic box, a rigid container with a hinged cover has a lid attached permanently to the base. There are many hinged boxes, the most popular including book boxes, cigars, and clamshells. No matter the hinged box style you choose, the hinged cap is always large enough to cover the base of the lid and, in many cases, has a magnetic attachment or ribbon to close the box safely and keep it safe. As a gift box manufacturer, Maxipos has worked with countless luxury brands to make bespoke and rigid boxes to package and serve luxury products. For example, working with L'OCCITANE, Maxipos designed, produced, and sent a total of 11,850 rigid White carton boxes with hinged lids to praise the limited edition product series.


Custom Rigid Box Packaging

If you look around for rigid custom gift boxes in the UK, you will see various shapes, sizes, and styles available. Designing and making Custom White boxes is a time-consuming process that can be challenging to navigate smoothly and efficiently, making tasks redundant very extraordinary. When you find a rigid wholesale rigid supplier, however, packaging and presentation boxes for your marketing efforts and product launch can be fun, publish and inspire.


The Innovative Packaging Offers

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