5 Creative Ways to Reuse Rigid Boxes

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What are Rigid Boxes? 


Rigid boxes are incredibly popular and are a preference for packaging when it comes to dainty and fragile items. This type of packaging is usually made from strong paperboard material which is durable and can weather a lot of turbulence. A lot of times, higher-end brands prefer to opt for paperboard packaging because of the elegance it brings to their product and instantly helps elevate the feel of their entire brand. 

However, when you purchase a product that is packaged in rigid boxes, you might have some guilt about throwing away the beautiful and sturdy packaging it comes in. In this piece, we will tell you about how you can avoid this! Here are some really nifty ways you can re-use your rigid boxes and save them from the trash. 


Ways you can Reuse Rigid Boxes


Make a Keepsake Box


One of the best uses of a rigid box is to store items that are fragile and what is more fragile than old pictures and cards? Keeping precious memories safe is incredibly important, and if you have to have a pull top rigid box lying around, you can easily use it to store old pictures and cards inside. We highly suggest getting a nice roll of wrapping paper, covering the outside surfaces of the box in case there is a logo or branding you might want to hide, and there you have it; a perfect little keepsakes box for your memories! 


Make a Children’s Toy


If you happen to find yourself in the presence of a pull string or sliding rigid boxes, then you are in for a treat. You can easily use this type of rigid box to make a fun children’s toy for your own child or to gift it to your favorite niece or nephew! All you need are some crafting supplies with which you can fashion an origami animal and place inside so that when the child pulls out the compartment in the box, they get a little surprise! How fun is that. 


Use as Gift Packaging


Another great use of any rigid gift boxes you might have lying around your house is that you can re-use them to give a loved one their present. Presentation matters quite a lot so it's very important that the wrapping for your present is as good as the present itself. Placing your gift even if it's handmade or did not cost much in a beautiful box increases its value and shows the other person that there was a lot of effort that went into the gift. 


A Brand New Jewelry Box


Storing your rings, smaller earrings and other knick-knacks can be a hassle. A lot of times, if a product is packaged in a rigid box, there is a chance that the box will have been fancy since no company invests in rigid packaging just to flake out on the design. We highly suggest that you use these boxes to store either your jewelry in, perhaps your hair accessories or even lipsticks. It will look great on your vanity.


Turn it Into a Storage Container/Separator 


It never feels right throwing away your luxury rigid boxes and hence it might be a good idea to keep it around and just turn it into a general store container or as a separator for your drawers. Keeping it in your drawer to divide the drawer into separate compartments to store different things could be very beneficial. You could even just place it on your nightstand or any other surface to become a catch-all for any and every knick-knack! 




All in all, even if you are getting a good deal on rigid boxes wholesale, it just feels better knowing that your packaging will survive beyond transporting the product! If you are interested in investing in gorgeous custom rigid box packaging, then we suggest contacting The Innovative Packaging Send us an email at sales@theinnovativepackaging.com, and we would love to discuss whatever you have in mind and promise to deliver exactly that! 


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